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Our attorneys have been representing private and public schools, as well as boards of education, for more than fifty years. Over that period, the firm has navigated the myriad challenges facing these clients, ranging from student education and discipline, to labor and employment matters, to drafting policies and representing boards in legal and administrative hearings.

At OMDP we feel that the best way to address student issues is to prevent them before they start. We work closely with boards of education and school administrators to draft comprehensive but common-sense policies and handbooks so that students and their parents know what is expected of them.OMDP helps its clients address attendance and enrollment issues, as well as transportation and discipline matters. The firm also focuses on the statutory requirements facing school clients, such as Title IX, Section 504/IDEA, and other civil rights legislation. With technological advancements, OMDP stays on the cutting edge of cyber-safety matters so that it can keep its clients well informed.

Any experienced administrator knows how important labor and employment matters are in the school setting. We represent our clients’ interest at the collective bargaining table, as well as in administrative proceedings before SERB. We help coordinate investigations into employee conduct, assist in discipline determinations, and represent our school clients throughout the grievance and arbitration process. We also help with contract termination/non-renewal, hiring, and insurance matters to ensure compliance with state and federal law.

At the board level, OMDP regularly drafts, updates, and advises on board policies governing conduct throughout the school district. OMDP can manage administrative hearings before the board, accept appointments as board designee to adjudicate important matters, and provide guidance at board meetings in both public and executive sessions. OMDP also provides regular training to boards of education as well as issue-specific training and written materials when there is a significant update or change in law. Perhaps most importantly, OMDP is experienced in representing school districts before administrative agencies or in state or federal court.

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