Food and Agriculture

From the farm to the courtroom

The farmers, growers, distributors, manufacturers, and restaurants that we represent nationally and internationally have often been in business for generations. They know the marketplace is competitive, with intricate laws and regulations unique to their industries. Our attorneys and professionals use their in-depth expertise to take those items off their plate, giving our clients the peace of mind to focus on their business.

Running a farm requires a working knowledge of everything from regulations governing pesticides and preservatives to bank loans and available government subsidies.  When faced with these issues it is important to have an experienced firm like OMDP on your side. We provide other assistance ranging from protecting our clients’ investments in their crops and livestock by bringing Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act and Packers and Stockyards Act claims, to navigating transportation issues when products are loaded in good condition but damaged during shipment. We also offer guidance on long term issues that are just as important, such as farm/estate planning, land/energy leases, and agritourism.

For food manufacturers, OMDP actively manages its clients’ compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act and other laws and local regulations governing safe food handling, including food safety plans, allergen control plans, supplier verification programs, and product recall plans. OMDP regularly assists clients facing health inspections, FDA/USDA audits, and product certifications. At a higher level, OMDP helps its clients develop best practices for operational management, employee training, and appropriate recordkeeping.

Besides farming and food production, OMDP represents a broad spectrum of restaurant, bar, and food service clients facing issues from contract disputes and wage/hour challenges, to premises liability and insurance claims. Our clients have the confidence to know they can leave these issues to us so that they have more time to focus on the practical operation of their businesses.


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