Family and Domestic

We understand the complexities of families in conflict.

OMDP specializes in all areas of domestic relations law, including divorce, dissolution of marriage (‘no-fault’ divorce), custody, shared parenting, visitation, Guardian ad Litem and child support matters. The firm’s skilled attorneys leverage their vast experience gained in law offices and courtrooms, an in-depth knowledge of family law, and a compassionate approach to earn each client the best possible outcome.

OMDP attorneys are comfortable using a variety of legal techniques to represent their clients, whether the case is suitable for traditional courtroom litigation or mediation. When necessary, in keeping with the firm’s overall approach, our attorneys take a more aggressive approach pursued in a manner that minimizes unnecessary conflict and expense. Still other matters may be suitable for a collaborative approach which involves both sides cooperating, exchanging information and finally resolving the dispute in a manner which benefits both parties.

Whatever legal path is recommended, OMDP provides clients with straightforward and compassionate counsel along the way.


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